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Effective Promotional Products

10 effective promotional products   Our top 10 effective promotional products, from the printed key fob to business cards with a twist.     The Printed Key Fob It’s such…

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Print Encapsulation

PRINT ENCAPSULATION Encapsulation put simply is the process of applying a plastic film to a surface of a form of print. Such as Business cards or Training manuals. Encapsulation is…

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Company Branding Merchandise

Effective Marketing Products.   Get your brand seen!   The Teslin Key fob. There’s a clever effect behind giving clients, potential clients, businesses and staff a key fob to carry…

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Brands that mean business!

Brand. Branding. Brand Awareness. The word is everywhere. However we all know why. Because it’s important, incredibly so. Ask anyone in the UK, and they will be able to tell…

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Get to know the team!

We want to highlight our brilliant team here at Thames Loose Leaf; and what better way than with a sit down Q&A with a member of staff for you to…

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Binders aren’t boring.

Used in every office; a binder can be a product that is often overlooked but add a personal touch and it becomes something very different. A versatile product that has…

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