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The Importance of a Travel Card Wallet

The travel card wallet; they are somewhat underrated in the world of branding and marketing. However; at Thames loose leaf we strongly believe this is one of the most influential ways of promoting your brand, for a number of reasons. Our team have been making branded travel card wallets for years, and are well trained and experienced in the production and delivery of these products. There’s a reason why we’re the largest encapsulation service in Europe as well as being one of the leading bespoke plastic stationery manufacturers in the UK!


Exhibitions, for example. They’re a great way to advertise your business through small pieces of branded merchandise, and the general aim is for it to be as cost effective as possible. Our products are produced to a very high quality, and at a good standard for money, so that when you’re at your next exhibition you can wow potential customers with your branded travel card wallets!


Everyone can benefit from using a travel card wallet, which is why they’re generally so popular and spread around so well. This then means your demographic of people reached increases, bringing in a higher potential for sales and references alike. For example, someone sporting your branded travel card wallet in an airport may be asked about your company. The huge number of people at airports, and the internationally based citizens drastically widens your target market, and will help the long-term success of your business for years to come.




For further information on our branded travel card wallets, and what Thames Loose Leaf can offer you, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!


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