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What is Anti-Microbial encapsulation and how can my business benefit from using it?

Anti-Microbial encapsulation. Very few know what it means, but is it oh-so important. It is a key feature in the prevention of disease and bacteria, and a must have for hygiene. So what is it used for? It is mostly associated with being used in the catering industry, with most restaurants using anti-microbial encapsulation on the menus, which makes sure that the menu stays clean after many uses. It is known to kill up to 99.7% of bacteria, meaning that it’s a must have if you’re looking to start your own food enterprise.

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There are many other places where Anti-microbial encapsulation is due, for instance schools. It is a well known fact that schools are one of the leading contributors of spreading disease, and although this is seen as an inevitable outcome, encapsulating worksheets, folders and help sheets in schools would massively reduce the chance of your child falling ill. This is also an example of how useful it would be in a hospital or doctor’s surgery, as the clients are only there due to sickness or injury, meaning a high standard of hygiene is nothing less than expected.

Not only is our encapsulation service crucial in the field of hygiene, it is also produced at the highest quality the field has to offer, and being the market leaders of both personalised and branded products certainly helps this. We’ve spent years getting of the top of the market, and now we’re here, we intend to stay! Which is why our service is both quick and at a high standard of quality.

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