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Personalised Card Wallets for your Travels

Are you looking to go travelling this summer? At Thames Loose Leaf we are expertly designed personalised card wallets are perfect for your trips abroad, whether it be a well deserved break or a foreign business meeting, our personalised travel card wallets are perfect for all!

Travel card wallets are the perfect item to put your brand on, as we all know how busy airports can get, and your branded travel card wallet then is shown to countless people and will give countless possibilities to new customers. Not only is it a great marketing tactic, but will also look great and give your business the tactical edge and a better representation in the market, making people choose you over the competitors.

We’ve made travel card wallets for countless business across Europe, and all boast great results by using Thames Loose Leaf as their producer, just check out our testimonials and see for yourself! This is a cheap and effective way of promoting your brand, as we try to do the best quality of work in the least amount of time, meaning you’re provided with a great service!


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