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Welcome to Thames Loose Leaf. We pride ourselves on creating bespoke branded products for clients across the whole business spectrum. Our products range from branded Travel Card Wallets & Ring Binders to Specialist Encapsulation using a wide variety of films in all formats. We are proud to own Europe’s largest encapsulation facility allowing us to process high volume orders extremely quickly & efficiently. With over fifty years industry experience we have the proven expertise to create truly unique products to make you stand out from the competition

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Our products & services

PVC products to Travel card wallets, Polyester encapsulation to Vacuum forming, we create brilliant products for your business.

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Recent News

What is Anti-Microbial encapsulation and how can m...

Anti-Microbial encapsulation. Very few know what it means, but is it oh-so important. It is a key feature in the prevention of disease and bacteria, and a must have for…

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How Thames Loose Leaf ‘Think Green’

The only thing the team at Thames Loose Leaf value more than customer satisfaction, is the ability to be as environmentally conscience as available to us. We strive to make…

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Reasons why Brand Promotion is so important

A common question we get at Thames Loose Leaf is “Why is brand promotion so important?” and things like ‘Shouldn’t the customer just come to us’. To this we say,…

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